What to do after learning a programming language?


What to do after learning a programming language to get a job in Amazon or Microsoft?

If you want to apply to get a job in Amazon or Microsoft. First, you have to prepare yourself according to their criteria. What are the skills they required? Learning programming languages is not enough to get selected in the giant companies.

A handful of working experience is also needed. It doesn’t mean if you are a fresher, you can’t apply for Amazon and Microsoft. But to get selected in the job interview, you require some real-life experience. Learning a programming language to get a job is a vital factor.

How to acquire work experience?

You can acquire real experience by working as an intern in any company. You can decide the duration of the Internship depending upon your skills. The Internship will help you in understanding the work problems face by the company. Also, at the same time, you get the chance to work on live projects. Learning a programming language to get a job also comes from working on live projects.

What exactly provides you the Real solutions. Another way is taking some experience in a good and reputed company and after having full-time industry knowledge. You can apply for Amazon or Microsoft. The choice is yours.

Your curiosity and patience will let you know whether you want to opt for an internship or a full-time job in some other company. And after getting professional experience, you will apply for amazon or Microsoft.

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What are acceptable programming languages?

learning a programming language to get a job is perfect. Nowadays, there are a lot of programming languages. In case you get confused about which coding language will help you in getting selected for the interview.

You have to deeply examine the company’s requirement, which language they are using. Understand the company needs accord you in cracking the interview. Elemental programming languages that will increase your chance of selection are C, C++, Objective C, Java, Swift, and many more.

What are the other skills needed to get selected?

learning a programming language to get a job alone cannot help you out in getting selected for the interview. There are a lot of proficient coders that don’t get select in the interview. It shows that big companies are looking for candidates that only possess programming skills but other life skills.

If talking about technical skills, having technological knowledge like big data, artificial intelligence, internet of things adds more chances for your selection. But there is something more than big companies are searching for in their employees. The other real-life skills are problem-solving, communication skills, decision-making skills, time management, leadership skills, and many more.

Final words

Having the amalgamation of soft and hard skills will help you to crack the interview efficiently. Most people usually work on their hard skills. Hard skills are your technical skills. But most of the big companies also focus on soft skills. Soft skills are a kind of people skills.

Nowadays, the most salient task is to manage the people. If you are perfect in coding skills and you are leading a team. But you are not proficient in people skills. Being a team leader, you have to manage your team. You get the work done on time.

Therefore, a lack of leadership skills will not let you succeed in your life. For that reason, work on soft skills and hard skills to get selected in big companies like Amazon and Microsoft. Both the skills have their own importance in the information technology sector.


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