Can I work in information technology with MSC chemistry?

MSC chemistry
MSC chemistry

Can I work in information technology with MSC chemistry?

There are many jobs after msc chemistry field in several areas like- you can work in the research field. Become a professor in your domain. Also, you can work for PSUs like ONGC, BHEL, IOCL, HPCL, etc. You can even try for government jobs.

There plenty of government jobs after chemistry. There is already a lot of scope in your field. To continue in the same domain is easy for you because you already have the specialized knowledge of your chemistry field. But, it is not like that you can’t work in other areas.

Can I work in information technology with MSC chemistry?

The answer is probably yes. But, it is a hard nut to crack. You specialized in chemistry. It is an entirely different field. And if you look at IT software field. It shows that you want to move in the south direction. You can make your decision. In which domain you want to go.

But going into the Information Technology industry requires you to do a lot of sheer hard work. You need to do some Information Technology certification courses. After acquiring the knowledge of the IT field, you can make your career in Information technology. But I would suggest you if you have a deep interest in programming knowledge. And, you are not satisfied with your chemistry field.

Then you can opt for an Information Technology career. Switching from one domain to another is a hard row to hoe task. Even if both the career options are entirely different and you can also try for fields that have some relativity with chemistry. Hence, you don’t need to work so hard. Because you already know the basics.

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Is it a viable option to choose the Information Technology field with chemistry background?

If you have a deep interest in the information technology field, it is a reasonable option. Because technology is changing at a rapid speed and you have to learn a lot of programming languages.

Along with that, you also require in-depth knowledge of new emerging technologies. It requires a lot of hard work and sheer effort. Learning coding languages and new emerging technology takes ample time. If you have much time and want to explore a new technical domain, then you can try for Information Technology field. On the brighter side, if you would spend enough years practicing and expanding the IT field, it becomes a golden opportunity for you.

Due to the expansion of the various technologies, it becomes the trending field. It has expected to increase its reach soon.

Let us discuss the optimistic side of chemistry. In chemistry, there a lot of government jobs available. That will give them ample of securities. Once you get selected for government jobs, your life will be stable. You do not need to do a lot of hustle. You only to prepare yourself more for the government job. And I think it’s easy instead opt for a different field.

Finally, the choice is yours. In which field you want to make a career and whatever field you have to choose. Always make a wise decision, do not run with the emotions. Follow a rational approach. It will help you in making a bright future for you.

All the best for your bright future.


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