Applications of IT field in hospitals and hospitality sector

hospitality sector
hospitality sector

Applications of IT field in hospitals and hospitality sector

There are many applications of IT field in hospitals and the hospitality sector. As we all know, computers have become a day-to-day need for every individual in society. It is fast, time-saving, and revolutionizing our whole life-style. The major applications of IT field in hospitals and the hospitality sector include artificial intelligence and robotics, centralized monitoring of hospital patients, patient & data management, laboratory computing, etc.

In Details:

Let us have a look at some of the major applications of IT field in hospitals and the hospitality sector: –

  1. Artificial intelligence and robotics

In the twentieth century, artificial intelligence and robotics are playing a revolutionizing role whose benefits are changing human lifestyle and health. With the help of AI, many specific tasks are produced including medical diagnostic, time-sharing, interactive interpreters, graphical user interface, etc. One of the best examples is medic robots. Robots are nowadays being utilized to assist in or perform many complex medical procedures. They are also used in medico training where simulations are achieved.

2. Hospital information system

IT sector has a major role in keeping up with the hospital information system. Computers are extensively used to store information regarding registration, admission/transfer/discharge, billing, medical record, index, wards, operation theatre scheduling, etc.

3. Computer-Assisted Decision making

This application of the IT field is mainly helpful to doctors in a clinical decision-making task. It complements the doctor’s natural ability to make a judgment with the computer’s vast memory, reliability, and processing capabilities.

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4. Computer-assisted therapy

This application helps in planning, monitoring, and adjusting dosage regimens of affluent and potentially toxic drugs. It aids doctors in planning dosage regimens by selecting a target peak total body concentration of a drug.

5. Medical imaging

This is one of the most common uses of applications of IT field in hospitals and hospitality sectors. Hardware machines and software are used in generating images in CT scans, MRI, ultrasound, and gamma cameras.

6. Laboratory Computing

Computers are widely used in labs to store data include blood chemistry, photometry, microbiology, etc. Quick access to the laboratory system can help the patients to get a viable patient care system.

7. Data analysis in Medicine

Storing a large amount of data manually is beyond the human scope. Here comes the role of the IT sector. It helps in compiling, analyzing, and interpreting a large amount of data. Other than this several good quality statistical packages are available which allows the use of many more methods for proper practical calculations. For eg- Biomedical Computer Package (BMD), statistical package for social sciences (SPSS), etc.

8. Virtual and Augmented Reality Simulations

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is slightly making their space in medical sciences. Virtual Reality in robotic surgery helps to create simulators to teach surgeons to stay in a stress- free environment using realistic models and surgical simulations. The AR technology helps to interpret the patient’s emotions and cure them correctly by developing a social relationship with the patient.

 9. Ubiquitous Healthcare System

Ubiquitous Healthcare system is meant to provide healthcare services remotely. A ubiquitous Healthcare system means the environment where the users can receive medical treatment regardless of the location and time. Essentially, a Ubiquitous Healthcare system would monitor the daily or periodic activities of patients and alert the patients or health workers of problems, if any.  

All the above factors shows the Applications of IT field in hospitals and hospitality sector.


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