Advantages or disadvantage of e-commerce sites


Advantages or disadvantage of e-commerce

Pandemic has changed the lives of many people. People nowadays are suffering from a disease called what to do next. They don’t have anything to do. That’s why they are searching for the option that will help them sustain themselves during the pandemic. If we talk about the e-Commerce sector, then we can say there are a lot of advantages.

The e-Commerce company sector has experienced after the pandemic. The e-commerce market has become a growing market. Because during the pandemic everybody wants everything at their home due to safety purposes. It has increased the demand of the E-commerce market to a great extent.

If we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the E-commerce market during the pandemic, there are only advantages over disadvantages. Most people realize buying things from an e-commerce website instead of going outside. They think if they go out, there would be a risk of virus, so they have decided to get everything at their doorstep after experiencing the comfort.

They have realized it’s better to get the things at their doorstep rather than going to the market and spend a lot of time purchasing the house stuff. Hence, it would be a good option for all those who want to save their time and prefer safety.

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of the e-commerce sector. First, discuss the advantages of e-commerce sites faced after the pandemic.

What are the advantages of e-commerce?

There are a lot of benefits of e-commerce to the consumers. Also, there are a lot of advantages of online business during the pandemic. And that has increased their growth volume.

Let’s discuss the advantages of online shopping during covid-19. And what are the benefits of e-commerce to consumers?

  1. Low price

 People get groceries and other essential items at their doorstep without paying extra from e-commerce websites. And it is the most viable option during the pandemic because people are deficient with money as they are not going out of the house to earn money.

2. Safety

 Due to the spread of the dangerous coronavirus, people get scared and don’t want to go outside their homes. Therefore, getting things at their doorstep by e-commerce website is the most feasible option for them. It also ensures airtight safety for them.

3. Time-saving

The advantage of online e-commerce sector during covid-19 indicates time is the most important thing. You can save time as you are getting home stuff at your doorstep. It means you don’t need to go anywhere and stand in a queue. Everything is now available on your mobile phone without doing any hustle.

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The disadvantage of online selling in pandemic

 There are disadvantages of online shopping during the pandemic-

1.Requirement of Internet

 If you don’t have the Internet on your mobile phone, it becomes very difficult or almost impossible for you to buy things for your home. So having good Internet is the essential thing if you want to buy home stuff online.

2. Security

 Security has become a prime concern for everyone. There are a lot of credit card frauds happens around the world. It creates chaos in everybody’s mind. Whether the transaction is secure or not. So, the major disadvantage of an eCommerce website is the lack of security.

3.Physical touch

 The world has been changing at a rapid rate. Due to the evolution of the digital transformation, the physical touch has been going lost. People who always look for a physical experience, it was not a viable option during the pandemic for them.


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